We believe that tomorrow's leading companies will be those that take care of their impact on the environment and society.

Exploring and providing the new ESG tools

Humpact has developed Xtract to help investors and companies access ESG information in a faster way, benchmark and identify the best performers.
Our story

An extra-financial rating agency focusing on the S of ESG

Humpact is an extra-financial rating agency focusing on the S of ESG. Founded in 2020 by André Coisne and Hugues Franc, Humpact’s ambition is to have a positive impact on social issues in France and Europe by helping asset managers to assess the HR policies of listed companies and measure the contribution of their portfolios to societal issues.

Our methodology is to identify “S” issues where listed companies’ contribution can be substantial and gather public and audited - quantitative and qualitative - data to assess the impact of each company on the issue. We provide scores and measure the impact of any portfolio on an annual basis. Thanks to our data, asset managers can create thematic funds. Three funds have already been launched!

Since 2021, we are working on AI tools to automatically extract and store quantitative and qualitative data from annual and sustainability reports or any document issued by companies to facilitate analysts’ work on any ESG topic.

This is what drove us to develop Xtract and make our results available to our clients. Whether they are asset managers, investors or companies, our application is a useful tool to quickly access information and benchmark companies. Xtract by Humpact is complementary to current data providers and allows companies to discover a new way to compare themselves.

Our ambition

Making ESG Information accessible

Helping company publications

Xtract by Humpact allows you to benchmark your company publication with peers, challengers or the best of the league to inspire your next reporting exercise.

Supporting the work of investors

Xtract by Humpact helps companies and investors to have access to the best of ESG information and improve decision making.

Creating new ESG applications

Humpact's objective is to develop software and features to create new ways of approaching ESG in order to increase its integration into companies' strategies and investments.

Improving our algorithms and the universe covered every day

The Humpact team is continuously working to improve the results and the functionalities available in the Xtract tool. We also keep on increasing the database of accessible company annual report links.

Our team

Discover Xtract’s members

Xtract by Humpact - Team member - André Coisne
André Coisne
Ceo and founder

After a 20-year career in online banking with the creation of entrepreneurial projects such as ING Direct, Orange Bank and BforBank, André decided in 2019 to put his financial experience to good use for a noble cause. Convinced that large companies associated with the world of shareholding have the most effective levers for action, it is national employment that he is defending with the launch of Humpact. With Xtract Andre wants to offer a powerful and easy-to-use ESG software.

Xtract by Humpact - Team member - Hugues Franc
Hugues Franc
Co founder, development manager

Very early on, the creator of Beeleev and of “Réseau Entreprendre” in Paris and the Ile-de-France region, is committed to the cause of employment in France by supporting many entrepreneurs in their business creation. Seduced by André Coisne's idea, he joined the Humpact adventure from its first steps in 2020 and has been a valuable support for the company's development. Hugues is convinced that Xtract is an efficient software that can help at different levels of the ESG sector.

Elyar Tuersun
Product manager

After completing a specialized master's program in Data at ESCP Paris, he embarked on a journey with Humpact, where he assumed a pivotal role in the development of Xtract and data projects. Since 2023, he has taken on the responsibility of overseeing data projects and co-leading the creation of innovative new Humpact products.

Xtract by Humpact - Team member - Pierre Wu
Pierre Wu
Data scientist

After a Master's degree at Sorbonne Paris Nord University, with a specialization in Data science. Pierre takes part in the collection and exploitation of data, in order to help the evaluation of companies. He worked on Xtract software to develop the efficiency of its system.

Xtract by Humpact - Team member - Gabriel Schultz
Gabriel Schultz
Data scientist

After a Master's degree at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Gabriel, straight from Brazil, comes to help Humpact to automate the data collection system. He has greatly contributed to the development of Xtract and its algorithms.

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