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Benchmark your own portfolio of companies

Build your own world of comparison. Select up to 40 companies and get insights on each of them. You can quickly identify which are the most advanced and which are lagging behind.

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You can request selected companies on ESG topics. There are more than 39 topics available today, and you can select them all when making a request.

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additional feature

Get publication score to improve your analyses

Xtract has constructed publication scores for each abstract. These scores are based on the publication volume of each player. The more relevant paragraphs a company publishes on a subject, the higher the score.

A good score does not guarantee that the company is doing things right, but that it is disclosing a significant amount of relevant information on the subject.

In short, the Xtract score is:

A score that can be used to identify the players who disclose the most
A score that can help you to sort, filter results
An objective score that is not based on any complex extra-financial analysis
Data analysis

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